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STOP info for young people


If you are a 16 or 17 year old in Croydon and are homeless, the first thing you should consider is visting or contacting Croydon Turnaround Centre. The staff in the Drop in Zone there will help and advise you - and may well refer you directly to STOP.


If you are 16/17, from Croydon and homeless visit the Drop in Zone on Southend for help. Click on the logo above for a leaflet including map and contact details.

CAYSH runs STOP in Croydon on behalf of the Council. The project provides short term housing and support for 16 and 17 year olds who can't stay at home. Young people get the chance to consider their options in a safe and supportive environment and everybody gets a chance to calm down and think clearly about what's best for the future. CAYSH staff run Croydon STOP and we are on hand to help if you need us as you begin to deal with the problems that meant leaving home in the first place.

Whilst at Croydon STOP you will be able to either sort out the reasons for you needing to leave home in such a way that you can return to family, or if you can't we will help you find longer term accommodation. We expect you will stay here for no more than 12 weeks. Everybody gets a room of their own which you can lock, Everybody shares the toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. As a whole, the accommodation is mixed sex. In the shared kitchens CAYSH people will help you with day to day stuff like cooking and washing. The staff are here to help you develop skills for independent living so make the most of them.

Croydon STOP is a short term project and does not have the same freedoms that people have when they live alone in B&B accommodation. But nor does it have the risks.  STOP is a safe place to take a break from whatever it is that forced a young person into homelessness and for them to plan your next move. And its a one-time only offer that you should make the most of. If it goes wrong at Croydon STOP, its likely you will be considered "intentionally homeless" which is what the Council call people it doesn't have to help anymore.

STOP in Croydon is all about taking this once-only chance to move forward the best way you want and that is available.This comes with a few responsibilities. For the twelve weeks a young person is at Croydon STOP, there is a work plan to make sure all the options are reviewed fully before move-on advice is made. There's a curfew too, and this is for everybody's security, not just yours. There isn't much room for bending rules - we <em>are</em> fair - many think we're more than fair, but we <em>are</em> also firm.

Croydon Turnaround Centre - 0208 760 5530

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