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Safe homes and better futures
for young people in South London

Safe, empathetic, transparent,
flexible and professional services

We help young people
to access training

Creative service design
that meet young people's needs

Get involved

If you are interested in helping young people to create positive change in thier lives, then read on.



There are all sorts of way you can help CAYSH to help young people as the overcome homelessness.  We need all the support we can get – we’re just as badly hit by austerity as every one else – but luckily there’s all sorts of support we can use!




We help young people turn their lives around. We help them develop skills for independent living, for the work place and for life. To do this we need volunteers who understand the challenges faced by some young people and who have time and the right skills to help achieve this. Whether its working directly with young people CAYSH helps or working behind the scenes to support fundraising and communications work or other office-based work, we'd like to hear from you.

If you have a spare room, are considering becoming a householder and would like to find out more, then please contact our supported lodgings team on 020 8683 5140.

Finally, CAYSH is a charity. We do undertake work on behalf of Local Authorities but we are not part of or owned by any of those that commission us. We are able to provide non-statutory services because of donations and grants - so if you would like to help us continue to turn young lives around, please donate here.


CAYSH needs money just like any other charity. Donations enable us to help young people make up for the harm done by a period of homelessness, when education almost always suffers. We use donations to help young people to gain workplace experience in order to make them more attractive to employers. If you would like to donate, click here.


We are always on the look out for volunteers. Whatever skills you want to bring, there is almost certainly some way or another you can help us. We have an ‘estate’ (sounds grand eh?) of houses that need skills and volunteers can get excellent training and office experience at our head office. Click here to find out more.


CAYSH has one of the best established lodgings services in the UK. We need people who have a room to rent and the right skills and experience. We provide extensive training and support to our ‘Householders’ and they play a massive part in helping a young person develop the skills for independent living.



We are always looking for additional Trustees to oversee the management of CAYSH. Ideally, Trustees wishing to take an active role in Governance and fundraising in particular are welcome. Formal Governance training will be provided.

Trustees' meetings occur three or four times per year, on Wednesday evenings. The roles are voluntary but reasonable expenses will be covered.



Everybody at CAYSH reports to somebody – and includes the people at the top who report to the Board of Trustees (who are a bit like shareholders in a big business). The Trustees want more young people & volunteers to take part in making the bigger decisions about how our services should be delivered and what the purpose of those services should be. To achieve this we have the “shadow board".





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