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Safe homes and better futures
for young people in South London

Safe, empathetic, transparent,
flexible and professional services

We help young people
to access training

Creative service design
that meet young people's needs

Our mission and goals

Sabrina_with_camera[1]Working towards better futures

Even though it may not feel like it all the time, as long as it’s safe then the best place for young people to live is at home with their family.

It’s tough for everyone as we develop from childhood to adulthood and sometimes we take support and guidance for granted. That’s why CAYSH tries to help young people and their families reunite where this is a safe option, but we appreciate this isn’t always possible.


CAYSH’s ensures the people we work with have a safe place to call home and that they receive the same advice and support that we are all entitled to. Our work aims to ensure everyone has the best opportunities in life, just as people who will never use our services will.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide safe and decent accommodation for young people facing homelessness along with advice and support that can enable our service users to live independently and sustainably.
  • Create and develop inspired services so that those facing homelessness have access to safe homes and better futures.
  • Identify and generate opportunities for our service users to engage in activities that build confidence and ability.
  • Work within communities to ensure our service users and their neighbours are safe and create community engagement opportunities.

To succeed in our mission we will:

  • Create and maintain youth homelessness services that safeguard the people who use them.
  • Co-develop these services with young people so they work for the people that use them (so they can also provide value for funders/commissioners).
  • Continue to develop an innovative and enterprising culture which diversifies our income streams, expands our area of influence and creates opportunities to deliver inspired services.
  • Continually improve the quality of our work by ensuring we have the right approach and the right systems.
  • Provide our service users with opportunities in education, training, engagement, volunteering and apprenticeships (as well as service design and delivery).
  • Create and grow opportunities for young people to engage in meaningful activity including paid and unpaid work.
  • Grow and develop our network of partners for the benefit of our service users.
  • Contribute positively to the environment and communities in which we deliver our services.

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